Making .txt the default extenstion in Notepad2

I’ve loved notepad2 as my replacement notepad program but, the one thing I’ve hated that it does not automatically save the file as .txt (or save it as anything at all).

You can change the default extension by opening up notepad2 and pressing Ctrl+F7. Then add the extension you want to be default to “DefaultExtension” in the “Settings2” section of the ini-file. (leave out the “dot” in the file extension. Ex: txt or html)

So your file should go from




save and restart notepad2 for it to take into effect.

I would also like to note that when you save a file it will not show the extension while saving it but when you go to the file, it will have the extension. (unless otherwise stated while saving.)



6 responses to “Making .txt the default extenstion in Notepad2

  1. And if Ctrl+F7 doesn’t work for whatever reason (lately, another program kept trying to open this file by default for me), you can locate that ini file at:


    Right-click and open the file “Notepad2” and ta-da!

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