How to remote shutdown a computer in Windows 7

The difference in doing this in Windows 7 and Vista compared to XP is that remote shutdown cannot be done if UAC is enabled. To disable UAC in vista go to Start> search “msconfig”>click msconfig.exe>tools tab>Disable UAC. For Windows 7 g0 to Start> search “uac” > click “Change User Account Control Settings” > and move the slide all the way to the bottom (to “Never Notify).

Now, to Remote shutdown a computer on your network you must have 2 things, the name of the computer and an Administrator Account on both computers with the same user name and password. If each computers have their own accounts. I recommend that on the target computer, you create a hidden administrator account with the same name and password as the computer you will be shutting it down from. If you don’t know how to create a hidden account read my post here.

Then create a shortcut on the desktop and for the “Type the location of  the item:” put

shutdown -m \\computer -f -s -t 000

Note: where “computer” is the name of the computer you will be shutting down.

Then click next, name the shortcut what ever you want, I went with “Shutdown Desktop” as this shortcut shuts my desktop down.


You can now right click on the shortcut go to properties and then in the shortcute tab click inside the white box “shorcut key” now on your keypad press a combination of keys something like “ctrl+shift+k”. then let go. click apply and ok, and now everytime you press ctrl+shift+k windows will run that shortcut.

You can also add the shorcut into your start>Programs list instead of having it sit on your desktop. To do this cut and paste the shortcut in

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

Note: where [username] is the username of your account.

After pasting the shortcut command it will appear in your program list, but the shortcut key will not work until the next time you restart your computer.


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