Rainmeter showing 100% on all CPU

Ok, so. My rainmeter plugin “Dark Rainmeter” (doesn’t matter which version) uses the Rainmeter plugin “perfmon.dll” to gather it’s info over the CPU (cores).

If your rainmeter shows “100%” for the CPU read but all other measures of the CPU( like task manager) shows a more reasonable range.

Try going to start > search “perfmon.exe” > enter

If a pop-up shows saying:

“Unable to add these counters:

\Memory\Available MBytes
\Memory\% Committed Bytes In Use
\Memory\Cache Faults/sec
\Memory\Cache Faults/sec
\PhysicalDisk(*)\%Idle Time
\PhysicalDisk(*)\Avg. Disk Queue Length
\Network Interface(*)\Bytes Total/sec””

Then go to start > search “cmd” > right click > run as administrator:

Then type lodctr /r and press enter.

You should receive a message that says “Info: Successfully rebuilt performance counter setting from system backup store

At this point, my problem was fixed. PerfMon.exe was able to start with no prompt, and my rainmeter plugin would perfectly. But to make sure everything is working,

Then type lodctr /q and press enter. This will show all the providers and whether they are enabled or not. (scroll through and make sure all say “(Enabled)”

If it says (Disabled) next to a provider, you can enable it with lodctr /e:<provider name>. Use for <provider name> the string between the [ ] at the beginning  of the entry.



Thank you ProGas for this solution


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